today's tune:

Honey I'm Home by GHOST

  • name: we're 200+ people in a trenchcoat parading around as just one, so there's too many to list! our host is named milky and our collective name is the matrix (you can call us the super smash bros. system too, though, if you want!)
  • pronouns: we primarily use they/them (as in, the plural form) as a collective, but you're free to use whatever pronouns come to mind for us. chances are you'll get it right for at least one of us, so why not give it a shot?
  • age: our ages vary WILDLY between headmates, so when asked we just give the body's age. currently, we're a teenager.
  • hobbies: gaming, drawing, writing, toy collecting, learning about niche internet cultures, and, most recently, coding (though we aren't very good at that one yet.) we might be forgetting some but our interests will probably shine through in what we put here on this site.

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