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Promare (2019)

type: animated film

run time: 1h51min

synposis: the story of the film takes place 30 years after the great world blaze: a tragedy that resulted in the burnish mutation, causing half of the world's population the power to create fire from inside their bodies. now, the burnish are fighting back against the oppresion they've dealt with this whole time, though their methods aren't appreciated by everyone. however, the burning rescue team has to work together with the leader of the mad burnish against a greater evil: the destruction of all life on earth.

review: promare was studio trigger's first feature-length movie, and what a fantastic start it was. it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say this is one of the best movies i've ever seen and an all-time favorite. visually, promare is stunning, although photosensitive viewers should be wary of its bright colors and changing patterns. its story is a great study on what exactly is the nature of opression and how we as a society parttake in it, and how - or if it can be stopped. the film also deals with queer themes in a way that i, as a queer person, found very touching. genuinely the sort of film i think everyone should watch.

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (2003)

type: video game

average playtime: 6h57m (main story)

synopsis: in the year of 2035, dracula's castle is reborn during a solar eclipse. without any warning, soma cruz, an average boy, gets dragged into the castle, and has to help uncover its secrets if he wants to escape with his life. however, some of the secrets soma discovers might not be something he wants to know...

review: castlevania is a series very near and dear to me, and aria of sorrow is what i'd consider the perfect conclusion to the overarching story. i won't speak much on the details of the story, lest i spoil a reader who might want to find out what's happening by themselves, but it's a story that i love with all my heart. thematically, it's the perfect story to end the timeline of castlevania on. but enough about the story, how's the gameplay? well, it's a metroidvania game. it's very, very difficult for me personally to play, but it's fun and challenging and rewarding. aria of sorrow especially has some unique mechanics when compared to other castlevania games (the souls mechanic, for instance, is very fun to work with) that makes it very interesting to play. the exploration aspect of it, as with any good metroidvania, is also incredibly fun for me. sometimes all you need from a video game is to walk around a fucked up and evil castle for five hours!

Magical Warrior Diamond Heart (in development)

type: video game

average playtime: N/A

synopsis: valerie amaranth, an ordinary 16 year old, has her world changed forever when she receives the power to transform into a magical girl: the legendary crystal warrior, diamond heart! now with the help of diana, she must find her allies, defeat the nightmare agency, and rescue the missing princess rosalia. will Val defeat the nightmares, make new friends, and find the love of her life along the way? or will she meet her tragic end? your choices decide her fate and the fate of humanity in this magical visual novel!

review: we originally found diamond heart by pure chance on youtube, and choosing to actually sit down and play it was one of the best choices we ever made. this is truly such a charming and fun project, i am so in love with all the characters and how they interact with each other, the designs for everything in this game, the way you can feel the love for the magical girl genre come through in every second of this game! it's still in development, but it's so so good that it is 100% worth your attention even if it's not complete yet. i look forward to keeping up with the story as more of it gets ready!

you can get to the game's website through the banner below, taken straight from the goodies section in said website! please go play this game i am asking nicely.



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