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here's the corner of the site where we put some of our general thoughts about nothing in particular.

17/10/2023 - small update

so! it's been a while since we've done anything on the site. to be honest, the battle network shrine took a lot more out of us than we'd expected - we're very proud of it and it was a blast to make, but it wasn't necessarily an easy task for us. that, paired with how hectic school is for us right now and just life in general, has made it hard for us to have any energy at all to work here. i'm not even sure anyone visits this place. if you do, sorry we've gone so long without an update.

the main thing we want to do with this website for now is fine-tune it a little more. we're not knowledgeable on code, we've made this known from the start, but we want to learn at least enough to make sure nothing on here breaks. although, fine-tuning involves more than that - it also involves removing website features we don't like. we're seriously debating doing away with both the music tab and the tune of the day on the sticky note. it's fun, but we can't possibly update that every day; not just because we forget, but because we just don't know enough songs that we like enough to put on there. it's complicated. the music tab was something i was very fond of, but i recognize i can't keep updating it as often as i should. maybe it will be gone for good. we're still keeping it around for now, but it's a possibility that it won't be here for a while.

to be fully honest, this website is very special to us, but we know absolutely nothing about what we're supposed to be doing with it or what we want the future of it to be. we'd never abandon it forever, but we have a lot of thinking to do before we're able to do anything new on here.

14/09/2023 - september nintendo direct thoughts

there was a nintendo direct today! most of it was... not something we were interested in, to be honest. the thing we were most excited to see - a remake of fire emblem: genealogy of the holy war - ended up not happening, which was. disappointing, to put it lightly. a lot of the stuff was very cool, but not typically our style. the new prince of persia game they announced looks REALLY neat, so we might buy that one when it comes out, but the star of the show for us was definitely princess peach showtime. as a big fan of super princess peach for the ds, this game was very exciting to us since it was first announced a few months back, so knowing more about it was super cool! i really, really like swordfighting peach's design, she reminds me a lot of princess knight and takarazuka revue and the rose of versailles and things like that, which are all things i really like. peach bringing out that 60s-70s shoujo swag, as she should! while the lack of a fire emblem remake was really disappointing, the rest of the direct was overall harmless and the best thing in it was definitely peach - for us personally, at least.

30/07/2023 - talking about castlevania for a bit

spoiler warning for castlevania: aria of sorrow!

today, we put castlevania: aria of sorrow on our library page, it being the second thing we ever put on there. if you want our spoiler-free synopsis and review of it, you can look there! we will be discussing the storyline in detail in this blogpost, so if you're not looking for that, maybe skip this one!

the story of aria of sorrow is usually seen as the conclusion of the castlevania series, even though it's not the last game released. whereas most of the castlevania games take place in between the 1400s and the 1800s, aria of sorrow takes place in the year of 2035, long after dracula was killed for good in 1999. the game has three endings, if i'm not wrong, and the good ending (the canon one) is the best possible conclusion for the long story of castlevania. this is a story, a world, a bloodline cursed by pain and grief. all of the belmonts suffered because of their bloodline at at least one point, though some are more noticeable than others, and there's something very fulfilling about seeing the cycle that brought them pain come to a close. and, man, i don't know about you, but it really hits me in the heart how soma cruz is the one to end this cycle. he's the reincarnation of dracula, the man who started all of the grief the belmonts went through, so there's not a conclusion more fair than soma ending it all. it's all very poetic, how soma refuses to be a part of all the pain, how julius gets to be the belmont to see the end of this cycle his entire bloodline was based around, how alucard gets to see the destruction his father began come to a close. i really do love aria of sorrow so dearly, and, while we do have dawn of sorrow as a sequel, aria is just the perfect ending for this series.

.........i do want a new castlevania game though. just put it behind aria in the timeline. please konami its been so long

23/07/2023 - small update

hey! been a while since we wrote on here! things have been very busy, so we haven't really been able to sit down and write a blog post. our july vacation is nearing its end and we'll have to get back to school soon, which is NOT something we're looking forward to, but it's fine. it's something we'll have to do, so we might as well do it. in other news, we got on cohost! same url as our tumblr (dreamcast-official) and something we're still figuring out. getting onto somewhere new is always difficult, isn't it? there's a certain feeling of Having To Do It Right, even though it's Our account and we're allowed to do whatever We want. we're trying to find cool people to follow on cohost while our friends don't get on it. other than that, i can't say our days have been very interesting, even though they've been majorily busy. oh well! i guess such is life.

14/07/2023 - our anime friends experience

so! yesterday we mentioned we were going to a con, right? well we did! anime friends 2023 here in sao paulo! it was an incredible experience. i wasn't sure how it was gonna go, whether or not we'd be too overwhelmed, whether it'd be any fun at all, but it was so fucking fun!! we did our first cosplay in years - and our first ever actual real cosplay - and i was so scared about how it would go, but it went amazing! everyone at the con was so nice, we had multiple people walk up to us to take pictures! it was so fun! while i admit i was still a little scared to ask for pictures myself (alucard cosplayer if you're reading this i am so sorry i was too scared to talk to you, you looked amazing) it was such a good feeling to have people want to take pictures with us. we also bought a LOT of stuff at the con, though it was exclusively art from the artist's alley. we really wanted this figurine of dark megaman.exe that was at one of the stores, but alas. he was too expensive for us to get at that moment, especially after everything else we had already bought at the alley. maybe one day he'll be ours. it was so fun, but it was also really exhausting. walking around under bright lights for almost an entire day was a bit too much for us ngl. we had so much fun!! but now we need to rest for a bit. maybe a few days will do the job :3

13/07/2023 - first blog post!

this is our first blog post! yay! we finally figured out how to add these!!! it was easier than it looked. i'm looking forward to putting more stuff on here! nothing in particular to share or talk about today though. we'll be going to our first con in years tomorrow, we're looking forward to that! maybe we'll say something about that tomorrow when we get back from it.



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