today's tune:

Honey I'm Home by GHOST


this is our music page! you can find our personal playlists, albums we like, and general music we want to share! some will be on youtube and some will be on other streaming services; hopefully we'll be able to incorporate mp3 players on here!


  • šŸ©·magical girl vibesšŸ©· (youtube) - a personal playlist for songs from magical girl media or that otherwise give off magical girl vibes. best experienced on shuffle!

  • Albums

  • Pawprint Panic! by NAPCAST (youtube) - "They say cats always land on their feet, so let's see if that holds true! Scratch, run, sneak around, and most of all, PANIC! Taken straight from the golden age of the Nintendo DS and the SNES, Pawprint Panic includes sounds and sights from old video games with a modern coat of paint." a cute and very fun album of tracks very like the DS library of games!

  • Misc. Music

  • Ambient Music Loops made in Bosca Ceoil by TheCheerfulNecromancer (youtube) - a few ambient chiptune tracks made by a friend of mine that are very good and very delightful!


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