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Shiny Milky Way


hello! welcome to shiny milky way! we're the matrix system and this is our personal website! a place where you can find so much stuff, it's hard to write it all down! we hope you'll enjoy your stay and manage to find something you like!

you can use the navigation section on the sidebar to look through our content (including stamps and blinkies!)

we plan on making a site button, but we don't have one yet. come back later to see if it's done!

What is Shiny Milky Way?

the simple answer is that it's our personal website where we dump whatever thoughts and interests we have. and that's a good enough answer! but there's more to it. being the age we are, we caught the very tail end of the old internet when we were little, and it fascinated me for a long enough time that i became obsessed with learning more and more about it as i got older. for years, i thought everything that made the old web what i loved was fully gone forever, but i learned about independent sites and html and i saw that wasn't true. with some incentive and help from other headmates and our friends outside the system, i decided to make this website. we never really had any specific purpose for it in mind, other than making it a space that is truly 100% our own. that's the main reason this site doesn't have a clear theme or anything - it's just a space for us to be ourselves, on our own terms, out in the world wide web.

  • 08/09/2023 - added gifts to the mega man battle network shrine
  • 24/08/2023 - added the shrines page and the mega man battle network shrine
  • 10/08/2023 - updated the about page and the home page, updated the home button
  • 01/08/2023 - added the about page
  • 31/07/2023 - updated the home page, added new piece to the art page, added images to the library entries, added magical warrior diamond heart entry to the library.